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Chapter 10 – Religion

“Religion is integral to daily life for billions of people around the world.” (Janaro & Altshuler, p. 275) This is a very true statement if you ask me. If someone were to take a good look at the world the way it is now, they would notice just how many people there are among us…

Chapter 9 – Film and Television

“Film, television, and video are vehicles of creative expression” (Janaro & Altshuler, p. 240) This is very true. When someone thinks of things that allow us to express ourselves, we think of things such as art or books. You know, things that could tell a story or send a message. The three things mentioned in…

Chapter 16 – Freedom

“As with other important ideas, freedom has not had the same meaning in every historical context.” (Janaro & Altusher, p. 428) If you were to go ahead and take a look through the history books, you would notice that this is quite true. It is also true enough for me to agree with it. Back…

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