Chapter 15 – Nature

“Today, the word ‘natural’ has any number of meanings.” (Janaro & Altshuler, p. 409) One would find this statement to be quite true. For example, there is a “natural professional”. A natural professional is considered to be someone who proved to have a lot of talent at what they are doing from the moment theyContinue reading “Chapter 15 – Nature”

Chapter 13 – Love

“Love has a history.” (Janaro and Altshuler, p. 356) This statement right here is very true. Think about it for a minute…there is a chance that some species may not even exist without love. The thing is, love is what will lead to 2 creatures mating, and then those 2 creatures will reproduce to createContinue reading “Chapter 13 – Love”

Chapter 11 – Morality

“Is acting out of self-interest such a bad thing?” (Janaro & Altusher, p. 309) Ah, the idea of self-interest…at a glance, someone might look at this concept as selfish, as if they always put themselves over others. However, let’s be honest…someone you will want to look after yourself before looking after others. Being a completelyContinue reading “Chapter 11 – Morality”

Chapter 5 – Art

“As Robert Thiele, a contemporary avant-garde painter, once said, “Art is what the artist does””. (Janaro & Altusher, p. 92) This is true, you know. Art is subjective. There is no specific definition that lays down the law on what art really is. It would be like trying to find out what the best colorContinue reading “Chapter 5 – Art”


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