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Chapter 10 – Religion

“Religion is integral to daily life for billions of people around the world.” (Janaro & Altshuler, p. 275) This is a very true statement if you ask me. If someone were to take a good look at the world the way it is now, they would notice just how many people there are among usContinue reading “Chapter 10 – Religion”


Chapter 9 – Film and Television

“Film, television, and video are vehicles of creative expression” (Janaro & Altshuler, p. 240) This is very true. When someone thinks of things that allow us to express ourselves, we think of things such as art or books. You know, things that could tell a story or send a message. The three things mentioned inContinue reading “Chapter 9 – Film and Television”

Chapter 11 – Morality

“Is acting out of self-interest such a bad thing?” (Janaro & Altusher, p. 309) Ah, the idea of self-interest…at a glance, someone might look at this concept as selfish, as if they always put themselves over others. However, let’s be honest…someone you will want to look after yourself before looking after others. Being a completelyContinue reading “Chapter 11 – Morality”